Color choices: Envision

Duncan Envision glazes are my current go-to glaze of choice. And look at these rich colors - you can see why I like them so much! Tiles_Envision

Envision glazes are non-toxic and food-safe, and are great for items that will come into contact with food or drink. They also come in about 100 colors; here are the 14 that I use the most and have proven to be customer favorites.

Envision_Caramel Envision_Cranberry

Envision_Denim Envision_Foliage

Envision_GraySpice Envision_LeafGreen

Envision_MiamiPink Envision_Mocha

Envision_Peacock Envision_Plum

Envision_RoyalBlue Envision_RoyalPurple

Envision_SpicedCream Envision_Sunshine

All of these colors are glossy. Most are mildly translucent, and will pick up and highlight decorations in the piece. Many are also underglaze compatible, meaning a design can be painted underneath them and will show through after firing (Mocha and Gray Spice and Spiced Cream especially). And yet, they also look just fine on their own.

As I said, these glazes are all food-safe, so fine on dishes, mugs, and anything else that might hold food or beverages.

These glazes fire to a Cone 06, and are compatible with most other glazes that fire to the same temperature.

I fire to this cone approximately every two out of three weeks, and coupled with time spent pouring or hand-building your custom order, firing to bisque, glazing and glaze firing times, there is about a 5-6 week turnaround time on custom orders with these colors (barring any extenuating circumstances).

Please feel free to drop me a line or comment here if you have any questions about these colors!

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