Works-in-Progress Wednesday (09/24/14)

What are you working on this week? I've got so much on my list that I'm hoping writing this blog post will help me focus!

In ceramics, I have some green mugs I took out of the kiln last week that need to be photographed and listed. I'm hoping these will be a nice replacement for the big round lodge mugs that so many people liked but were limited. I also have some yarn bowls and other things that I made originally for Fiber-In that I plan to photograph and list. I also have some ideas in the works for a new series of mugs, and am contemplating some changes to what I have been making based on feedback and comments I heard at Fiber-In.

In soap, I'm making a list of what will need to be restocked the next time I make soap (about the third week of October) and assessing holiday needs. And soon I'll be adding up the quarter's soap sales to find out how much I'll be donating to Peaceful Paths. I've sold a lot of soap this quarter so it should be a good amount - thank you so much for helping me to help others!

In yarn, I have a big pile next to me that needs to be photographed and listed. A few colors in Delany that I've never had in stock, the new base yarn Joy, a limited base yarn Gentle, and two new spinning fibers - Minerva and Neith. And a couple of one-hit-wonders in Tepper. Let's all hope for sunny weather, or at least that that it doesn't get any more overcast today, so I can use that lovely natural light and take some product photos today!

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