Things-in-Progress Thursday (10/09/14)

What are you working on this week? This week has almost been a complete wash for me, productivity-wise. I've had some computer issues (new computer + failing hard drive = bad times) and for about two days was on a backup of a backup computer that is so old that version of Windows isn't even supported any more. It was taking me an hour to write an email. A Generous Patron of the Arts, however, has gotten me back online with a speedy little laptop that will keep me up and running until the desktop computer either comes back to me from HP Headquarters or goes to that big computer dumping ground in the sky.

ANYWAY. What that means is that while I haven't been able to get much done, computer/Internet/business-wise early in the week, I'm back now, baby.

In yarn and fiber, I have been dyeing up a storm. Computer issues haven't stopped that! I already have about 20 skeins and fibers hanging, drying on the back porch, and I still have at least one more day of dyeing on my schedule. I'm hoping that by Sunday, everything will be dry enough to wind and I'll have an update early next week!

In ceramics and soap this week, nothing is happening. Last week I made a list of sold-out soaps that I'll be making next week, and I do have a lovely amount of bisque next to me that is itching to be glazed... but nothing active is happening right now.

The October yarn club is about to be mailed out. I should have the last of the yarn wound today, and domestic club should ship tomorrow (International went out last week). This will be the second club offering, meaning there's only one more after this... and that means it's about time for me to start thinking of what the theme should be for the next round!

On the needles #handdyedyarn #knitting #socks #DiaDeLosMuertosJNIn knitting, I'm working on my October 12-in-14 project (pictured to the side). I was able to get a good chunk of these socks knit when we drove down to Tampa last weekend for a small science fiction convention, and the rest of what I have to do shouldn't take me that long. What a far cry from September's project (post on that coming soon) that took me until the last half of the very last day! Talk about cutting it close... I almost had to drop out of my own competition.

So. That's about it for me this week, other than some behind-the-scenes paperwork things that I won't bore you with. Oh - but I did get my October newsletter out yesterday!

What about you? How has your week been going? Are you settling into Fall weather?

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