This Week in HaldeCraft: Yarn

I hope you love yarn, because I have a pretty impressive list of yarn listed this week!


Here's everything that's relisted (or new, and that will be marked):

Blue Sun in Andre
Blue Sun in Marion
Hogtown in Andre
Hogtown in Emma (new)
Hogtown Special in Windling
One Hit Wonder in Moon (new; limited! One only!)
Pretty in Pink in Andre
Red Mars in Elizabeth
Red Mars in Marion
School of Circus in Moon
School of Circus in Ursula (new; apparently I never listed when I did that batch of Ursula earlier this year!)
Sock Monkey in Andre
Sock Monkey in Emma (new)
Sock Monkey in Moon
Soylent Green in Elizabeth
Soylent Green in Marion
The 40s Have Called in Zelazny
The 60s Have Called in Moon
The 60s Have Called in Tiptree

Whew! Did I say whew? WHEW! I got a lot done last week, although it didn't seem like it when I was doing it. I also dyed up five or six new and restock colors in my spinning fibers, but they're not quite dry yet so will be listed later this week.

Meanwhile, you can see the new yarns on the front page of HaldeCraft, or just go straight to the yarn section.

Thanks, y'all!

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