Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/12/14)

This week....!

In ceramics... I need to paint and glaze so I can fire the kiln soon (I was hoping to get these skull mugs painted and glazed over the weekend but the detail work is taking longer than I expected). And I need to take stock of all my current unglazed bisque and see what would be a good fit for GLAM; I'm not going to have time to start making anything new from scratch, just because of time constraints... so it's a good thing I have a lot of bisque I never got around to glazing earlier this Fall! I'll have some really cool things for GLAM.

In soap... I was thinking I would pull from stock for GLAM, but after a few orders over the weekend (thanks, y'all!) I'm going to have to go ahead and order supplies to make more soap (you may remember that I mentioned being out of supplies and thinking I wouldn't order until after we move -- being the boss means being able to change my mind!). However, I am still keeping the 10-for-$50 custom soap listing marked as temporarily out of stock, because of time constraints. ("Time Constraints" should be the title of this blog post, hahahah!) I'll reopen that listing after the holidays. And don't worry -- any soap that doesn't sell at GLAM will be put up on the website!

In yarn... I got the last installment in this round of yarn club out the door on Monday. Whew! What a learning experience this round of club has been for me... which lead me to a small change about limiting the number of swag spots available going forward. The next round of club, Winter 2015, has spots open now -- you can read about the theme here.

In other works-in-progress(es), I’m pretty much just working on my 12-in-14 project (I’m at the neverending stockinette portion of the hat) and working on buying a house… which is a lot more time-consuming than you’d think! Can’t we just say “we want it” and they say “sure” and it’s done? Yesterday we spent over two hours out there measuring rooms for furniture placement, and walking the property looking for gopher tortoise homes.


Nature sure is pretty when it’s been left alone.

In case I’ve not really said over here: the property was 18 acres, three of which was part of a former clay pit (the rest of the clay pit is the rest of the original 35 acres; the seller bought the property at auction and is splitting it). We asked for a significant dollar amount off and to not have those three acres of the clay pit -- in other words, “keep your clay pit, even though I’m a potter, because we don’t want the EPA knocking on our door in ten years with problems if there are any.” The seller said sure, is getting a survey now and doing the property split. We still need to get the place inspected and since we’re kind of DIYers we can tell there are going to be a few house issues -- mostly involving the electrical work, which seems very “hold my beer while I split this line!”. The seller will have to bring everything up to code before we can close (if it’s not up to code for us, it’s not going to be up to code for another buyer either -- it’s nothing personal!). So barring any “this place should be condemned” issues (which I doubt, but you never know, there could be a sinkhole about to open… it is Florida, after all) or any loan application issues or any insurance issues (it is a mobile home)… it’ll be ours in a couple of months. Cross your fingers/toes/eyes/whatever!

So, that’s my week right now. How about y'all? What are you working on/through this week?

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