Friday Five: five quirky HaldeCraft mugs that make great gifts

Maybe you work with that person. Maybe you live with that person. You definitely know that person. That quirky, offbeat, fun person who is sometimes hard to buy for... but sometimes really easy to buy for, when you see that Perfect Thing. Here are five quirky and unique HaldeCraft mugs that are in stock (as I write this) and ready to ship out to you today. I can even ship it directly to your friend or loved one!


1. Day of the Dead mugs. Perfect for the folklore-loving, skull-adoring person who loves one-of-a-kind items. $22 in stock in four different unique designs - I won't be making any more in these shapes!

2. Baby Head mugs. Perfect for that dark-humored, Walking Dead loving, always-dresses-up-for-Halloween friend. $23, and going fast - currently in stock, green and pink.

3. Could Be Whiskey mugs. Perfect for that co-worker (or spouse) who likes to keep everyone guessing. "Sure, you can talk to me after my cup of whiskey-- er, coffee!" $25, and all in stock - both tea and coffee, both right- and left-handed!

4. Tri-footed Flower mugs. Perfect for the nature lover, gardener, flower-appreciator! These little mugs sit sturdily on three feet, and have a large handle. $25 and one each in stock in four different colors!

5. Frog-Inside Surprise mugs. Pour your guest some coffee or tea and sit back and wait for the screams (of laughter) when they get to the bottom and see this little green frog staring back at them! $25 and in stock in both right- and left-handed design in my new taller mugs in Spiced Cream!

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