Works-in-Progress (11/19/14)

GLAM_profilepicWhat are you working on this week? This week I'm all about prepping for GLAM (Sunday, December 7th!)

This week in ceramics I fired the kiln for the first time since September. I wanted to hug my kiln and tell it that I had not forsaken her, I've just been keeping too many plates in the air and it's been hard to find consistent time to glaze bisque. But now I'm in that pre-GLAM excitement phase where I'm trying to finish up a few things I started in hopes I'd be accepted... so I need to fire the kiln at least once a week for the next three weeks. Hoooray, ceramics!

In soap, I'm also madly Making. I'm doing restocks for sold-out soaps (thanks, y'all!) as fast as I can, but my main focus is GLAM. Of course anything that doesn't sell out there will get put up on the site, and it will get up there in time to be sent out for Christmas gifts! About half the soap I'm bringing this year are sample fragrances; either samples sent to me by distributors that I've been meaning to try out, or ones that I'm thinking of bringing in next year as limited or regular fragrances. Would anyone be interested in getting a sneak peek at the fragrance list of soaps going to GLAM?

In yarn, I'm not doing much; GLAM is not really a yarn event, so I'm not trying to make anything just to bring with me, like I do for Fiber-In. Yarn lovers have really been showing their appreciation for my upcoming club (thanks, y'all!) and I just placed an order for the luxury yarn I'll be using in that round. Mmmmm, yaaaaaaaaaaaarn.

In knitting, I'm slogging away on the never-ending stockinette portion of a hat... I need to go to a movie so I can knock out the last couple of inches without continually looking at it thinking, "this may be the most boring knit ever". What? You don't take your boring knitting to the movies with you? How do you sit STILL for two hours?

And in reading, I finally caught up on my RSS feeds enough to feel I could start a book; Tana French's new novel, The Secret Place. If you're not familiar with her and you like well-crafted mysteries with multifaceted and layered characters, get thee to a bookstore! She has well edged out my other favorite mystery writers (Tony Hillerman, Nevada Barr, Patricia Cornwell) to jump to the top of my list. Her mysteries are set in the fictional Dublin Homicide Department, and while a few of the same characters pop up from book to book, her main characters are always different -- with the exception of her first book, the main character is always someone who had a small walk-on roll in the book before. I love that!

Anyway. That's my week. What are you working on, working through, doing?

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