Friday Five: Five gifts for the owl lover

Whoooo is always looking for cute owl things? Whooooo do you know that collects owls? Whoooo -- ok, I can't keep doing that with a straight face. Owls. From the majestic photos of owls in flight to the cutesy owls on the latest WOOT t-shirt... we either love them, or know someone who does love them. If you're looking for a unique owl gift to give to someone you like, I've got you covered! HaldeCraft has an entire section on owls, but here are five of my favorites.


1. Owl tumbler and toothbrush holder set. Sets off that nature or owl themed bathroom! In stock in three different colors, $25/set.

2. Retro owl soap dish. If the bathroom in your house is a little on the retro side, this soap dish is the perfect thing to tie into that! In stock in three different colors, $10.

3. Owl bookends. These little guys just look more and more wise the more books they hold up. In stock, $55.

4. Owl Christmas ornament with red, orange, and yellow hat. An owl hangs on your tree in THAT hat, you know he's not afraid of anyone. (Nerd points if you get that reference). Not sure if you want a tri-color hat? I also have them in orange and blue stripes, dark brown speckles, light tweed, and a miscellaneous hodgepodge that includes red, white, and green. Lots in stock, $12-$15 depending on how many colors are in the hat.

5. Sleepy owl mug. Do you feel that way before you've had your coffee? Yep, thought so. So does he, you can tell by his sleepy eyes! In stock, $24.

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