Scenes from last week

Last week was a soapy blur of soap making and wrapping, and scrambling for paperwork, scanning, signing, etc. (I don't remember, when I bought this house I live in now, 20 years ago, that the process was as time consuming as this house we're trying to buy now).

Last shelf loaded; ready to fire tomorrow... First time since September, and I think that's the longest hiatus I've had since 2009. #ceramics

I finally got the last shelf in the kiln glazed and loaded...

Fresh from the kiln! #ceramics #mugs #tiles

... which meant I could finally fire the kiln! Most of this will show up again soon - there are some things I want to do with most of those mugs, decal work, that I'm planning for GLAM.

Small soap update coming later today, including these and a few more fragrances! #soap #handmadesoap

I had three or four small soap updates over the last week (you can find all my soap here), and that might be all that shows up until I put in any of the soap that doesn't sell at GLAM. Maybe. I might have a few more bars -- I still have about 80 bars to wrap, and my notes are in the other room (and I have a cat on my lap, causing what we call "cat paralysis" so I can't just go get my notes).

Working on a little sumptin' for a December craft show... #ceramics #christmasornaments #GLAM2014 #glamcraftshow

I'm madly glazing a few more things for GLAM, some hat and mitten Christmas ornaments. I'm thinking red and green, for sure, but... what other colors? I have enough to do three each of four different colors....

My kind of Saturday night. #fire #sevenkindsofchilitoeat #goodtimes

... and we wound the week up with an annual Chili-and-Bonfire party out at the property of some good friends. It's always good times, and I'm reminded every year how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

That was my week! How was yours?

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