Works-in-Progress Wednesday (12/17/14)

What are you working on this week? This week I'm working on fighting off a cold, and while I'm battling valiantly it does seem to be getting the better of me.

In ceramics, I'm still trying to photograph everything I made for GLAM that didn't sell, that hasn't ever been on the website before. (Note to self next year: remember how busy you are the week after GLAM, and don't promise to get things up that week!) I also signed up for a throwing class that starts in January, so I can work on my triple-threat badge of slipcasting/hand-building/throwing. Soon I shall be able to do ALL THE THINGS!

In soap, I'm not doing much this week. I'd like to be able to make some restocks, but I know I don't have time. I do still have a great selection of seasonal soaps in stock (here), and if you haven't checked it out lately there are a lot of fragrances on my Miscellaneous Marked-Down soap listing (including some fragrances only made for GLAM, and some fragrances that will be discontinued in 2015).

In yarn, I'm prepping for yarn club! You only have about two weeks left to join, and if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you will not want to miss this round. Remember, colors are exclusive to club and will not be released for general sale. Oh! And Caitlin, of String Theory Colorworks, and I are working on an -along for next year... you may have already heard of it if you follow either of us on Ravelry, and I'll have more information tomorrow here on the blog.

Mostly what I'm working on this week is getting out packages -- almost every day this week, this has been my view:

I think today calls for USPS home pickup. ;-) #craftlife

Thanks, y'all! Thank you for supporting small indie artists and makers in the holiday season. You're giving gifts that were made with heart and soul and sweat and tears, and our love of what we do comes through in what we make. Your loved ones will love what you're gifting them.

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