That vacation went by entirely too quickly

I am pretty sure it was JUST the week before Christmas, and I finally had a minute to fire the kiln with Christmas presents for my family. Now it's halfway through the first week of January? What? Where did that time go? Stop, time thief!

Things I didn't do while on vacation that I intended to do: clean and organize my messy ceramic studio; add the rest of my fiber/spinning stash into Ravelry; find 100% of the random skeins of yarn in this house and add them to my Ravelry inventory; clean and organize my office; somehow completely organize my life and become the perfect person who always does everything on time and without mistakes.

Things I did do while on vacation: file all of 2014 receipts and paperwork; order a whole lot of ceramic supplies; find about 50% of the random skeins of yarn in this house and added them to my Ravelry inventory; finish planning out the first quarter of 2015; spend time with friends; spend time with family; relax; knit; celebrate; love on my dogs; spend even more time with family and friends.

All in all it was a vacation well-spent, even if it went too quickly.

One thing I meant to do that kept getting pushed aside and never done was to - finally - finish photographing and writing listings for the ceramics I made prior to GLAM that still haven't made it onto the website. That still hasn't happened, but will throughout the week -- so next week, I'll have my first shop update for 2015.

I didn't want to leave this post without any photos, though, and in thinking of ceramics (I'm always thinking of ceramics) I started to wonder how many times I fired the kiln in 2014.

And now I can tell you, and show you, how many times.


32. I fired the kiln 32 times in 52  weeks. Look at all that color. JUST LOOK AT IT. I'd call 2014 a win, just for all that color alone.

Now. What can I do in 2015....? Let's find out together!

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