Post-holiday sales

I'm gettin' crazy with the sales! Mostly because if we move, I don't want to have to pack all this stuff, and if we DON'T move, I seriously need more room in this office.


Delany, Moon, and select colors in Tepper are on sale - 20% off, no coupon necessary, prices have been adjusted to show the sale price.

I am moving Delany and Moon to the same status as Carolyn, in that they will be club-only selections from now on -- so once the colors on the website are sold, they will not be restocked.

Tepper isn't going anywhere, though! I just have a few colors that for some reason have an unusual number in stock, and I can't fit all of Tepper in one storage bin any more. So any color that I have more than three skeins of has been marked down 20%, and those eight colors will remain at the sale price until they sell out. (At which point I'll put them back at regular price, and restock them at the closest yarn-dyeing week.)

I have four pages of sale items right now. FOUR! Go check 'em!

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