Works-in-Progress Wednesday (01/07/15)

What are you working on this week?

In ceramics, I'm trying hard to get enough glazed that I'll be able to fire the kiln, probably over the weekend (I was hoping to be able to fire tomorrow, but just haven't had time to glaze enough to justify firing the kiln yet). I'm excited to see how these turn out --

Starting the week off with a teaser. These odd handles will make more sense in a couple of weeks! #ceramics #mugs #mugshotmonday

... they're tea mugs; the little groove and cut-out holds your teabag so it doesn't fall down into the mug. Eeep! The cuteness!

In soap, I'm working on putting a list together of restocks to make next week. I'm also going to do, if I have time, a new "Soapmaker's Favorite" set. Mmmmm, Sage and Lemongrass, I love you so!

In yarn, I'm madly dyeing yarn club. I had a little... er... dye inventory control problem, wherein I ran out of one of the colors I was using for January. No matter, I caught the numbers in time that I was able to order more dye a few days ago, and it should be here tomorrow. I definitely have enough January dyed to mail out International on Friday... and I'm so glad I pushed the mailout dates back, even though that was designed to give me family time over the holidays, and not designed to give me leeway for error. I'm also just a titch short for February yarn, but I placed an order this morning and got rush shipping, so it should be here Friday -- giving me plenty of time to get everything dyed. I do seem to like to sabotage myself, don't I?!

In knitting, I've started the first of my 15-in-2015 projects, a handspun hat. Well, technically, I finished the first one and am onto the second. OK, this is funny -- I got a third of the way into the first one and worried that I didn’t have enough yarn, so I ripped it out and added another yarn/color for the purl rows. Now I have about 25% of the original yarn left over and a whooooooooole lot of the second yarn. But according to my calculations if I hadn’t brought in the second yarn, I would have been about 20 yards short. So, good call… even though now I have to knit a matching/complimentary hat. So that's where I am now... halfway through the second hat.

If you're going to nap in my lightbox, then yes, I'm going to put my knitting on you and then take pictures of it. #knitting #catsofinstagram

What about you? What are you working on this week?

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