Five things I have for yarn lovers - three of which aren't yarn!

Don't get me wrong -- yarn lovers love yarn! But not everything that I make that's geared towards yarn lovers is specifically... yarn.


If your crocheter loves to make doilies but is out of room to show them off... how about getting them a decorative (and useful) bowl to put more doilies in? And it's made from a crocheted doily! I have two designs, the Marie, and the Grace,  both equally as beautiful. As a side note, I'm getting ready to redesign the mugs, so stay tuned for that!

I also have sugar bowls that look like little yarn balls (seriously, how adorable are those?!) and twenty different fragrances of soap in a design featuring yarn and knitting needles.

And then of course I have yarn! Let me tell you about Delany, currently on sale for 20% off. Delany is a jumbo skein of 500 yards - most standard worsted weight yarn comes in skeins of 200 - 225 yards - and is a 50% wool, 50% superfine Alpaca blend. It feels great, and is not superwash so is feltable! Great for hats, mittens, and soaker covers!

And also the next round of yarn club is open, with a theme that is sure to please lovers of well-crafted science fiction television that was canceled before its time.

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