HaldeCraft is moving. What does that mean for you?

Remember about this time last year when I mentioned looking for a new home/studio space? That dream is finally - finally - being realized, and I'm going to have my hands full for the next couple of months.

For #throwbackthursday, that time my husband and I bought 15 acres with a 2000 sq ft house and a 2200 sq ft art studio. OH WAIT THAT WAS JUST YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. #tbt

How will all of this affect HaldeCraft?

Custom Orders are on hold.

As of now, I'm not taking on any more custom work until May 3rd; while we hope to be moved in by the third weekend of April, I will need at least a week to start unpacking, and my focus that last week of April/first week of May will need to be dyeing yarn club.

I have a few custom pieces I'm still working on; if I have not contacted you within the last few days, though, chances are that I may have lost or misread my notes -- please drop me a line if you have something on order from me and haven't heard from me already!

Works-in-Progress will be worked on as much as I can.

I have a number of things in progress right now; I'm going to try to do a decal firing within the next few days, a greenware-to-bisque firing a few days after that, and another two glaze firings as close to that as I can manage.

But I probably won't be coming out with anything new for a while. 

And you know how that hurts me, because I do like to make new things! I have some half-finished things I definitely plan on trying to release before the move (like the afore-mentioned decal mugs), but all the ideas I had that I haven't had time for yet (like the herb markers, and new butter dishes), and things I had on my schedule to work on soon (like incense burners, platters, and a limited edition yarn colorway) now likely won't be happening until later this summer.

Here's where I ask y'all for a huge, ginormous favor. 

Please don't give up on me. As if the last year hasn't been hard, trying to find a place and getting it, the next two months are going to make that look like a cake-walk. Between some things we need to do to the property (like fencing for the dogs) before we move in, the actual stress of packing/moving/unpacking, and then the renovations we need to do to this house before we can sell it...? I'm going to feel like I'm being pulled in a million directions at once, and I'll need your help to stay focused.

But it's all for such a wonderful reason - this much space for a studio means that I can improve my work flow (no more having to move three things to work on a fourth), I can have a better backstock (less turnaround before restocking), I can work on more than one thing at once (dye soaking for an hour? Now I can slipcast some ceramics during my waiting downtime!). I'll have space for classes. Space for guest lectures. Space for weekend retreats, even, if there's interest. Space to grow HaldeCraft for quite some time. This is going to be a hard, busy next couple of months, but will be so worth it.


I'm going to try to answer emails within 24 hours, and still continue to mail out packages within 24 hours (if not same day, depending on the time of day), and of course I'm going to be blogging practically everything - because y'all are one of the reasons I'm doing this and I want to share every step of the way with you. But if I don't answer emails, or you don't see me online answering questions, please -- don't hesitate to email me again, or message me, to remind me if you have an unanswered question or if there's anything with which I can help you.

Thanks, y'all!

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