Works-in-Progress Wednesday (03/25/15)

There's very little work-work going on at HaldeCraft this week (again, I thank all y'all for bearing with me while we fix the place up, pack, and move).

Today's Daily Deal item is a small green tumbler decorated with a ball of yarn and knitting needles. Oh, and, good morning, y'all! #ceramics #hcdailydealIn ceramics, I'm trying desperately to carve out time to clean some greenware so I can fill and fire the kiln. I'm also still trying to figure out this decal thing; I think I've got it worked out and will actually be throwing a few pieces in with the bisque firing to see if that's the right temperature. And of course I'm doing the Daily Deal! What do you think of this so far? Today is 15 out of 36 items... If this is the kind of thing that everyone really likes, I might do it again closer to Thanksgiving.

In soap, I need to have some dryer weather so I can wrap just a few bars that I made for restocks. I've been waiting for the humidity to go down and have not had my whispers to Mother Nature answered... but as soon as it does, I'll have a couple of restocks. That'll be it until we get settled in the new place; I believe the next week I'll be making soap is the week of May 17-23. Am I out of your favorite? You can either, on the product page, sign up to be notified via email when I get it back in stock (look for the green "NOTIFY ME" button on the left side of the page) or I'll be taking custom orders again after May 3rd, so you can contact me then with a wish list.

Did I mention the small yarn update? Including a couple of One-hit Wonders.  Coming tomorrow morning to the shop! #handdyedyarnIn yarn, I had a small update the week before last, and that'll be all I do in yarn until after we move. Next time I work on yarn it'll be in my new studio, dyeing yarn club! Eeep! I can hardly believe it! I'll have enough space then to get at least two more crock pots, potentially almost doubling the output of what I can do now (of course, then it still all needs to be wound, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it).

Sixteen rows until the bind-off of the front of this sweater. Then it's the arms, and seaming. On the needles since 2010? 2011? I might even finish this year! (PS. This is my worsted yarn, Tepper, in the Weathered Wood colorway.)  #HCtepper #knittersofins In knitting, I'm working on a couple of things. Mostly just a pair of stockinette socks (passenger knitting when That Poor Man and I drive out to the new property a few times a week) but also my Oakleaf Sweater that I cast on in January of 2006, and knit the back of... and then just sat on. Lately I've been wanting to work on it (inspired, maybe, by all the oak trees on our new property?) and as a result I'm almost done with the front. Then it'll just be knitting the arms (a cake walk, after the front and back!) and seaming. Whooooo! I may get to wear it by the time the weather cools down this Fall!

TreefallIn moving, like I said above, we go out there every couple of days. That Poor Man has been taking Thursdays and Fridays off from work, and he's got a whole weekend planned for "projects" in the days coming up. We now have electricity on out there, which means we also have running water (it's an electric pump). Tomorrow we'll get a quote on the driveway (did I tell y'all about the driveway? It's a limerock road. The first 50 or so feet of our driveway is solid sand. Well, not so solid sand. And it's erratic, lumpy limerock with runoff damage until about 200 feet into the driveway. So we're getting a quote to take off the top four inches for about the first 250 feet of the driveway, and to replace it with concrete millings. Right now you can only come see the place if you have a four-wheel drive!). And That Poor Man is putting together a materials list for the house back deck, the fenced in yard for the dogs, and the studio front porch. We hope Lowe's can deliver out to our house... after we get the driveway worked on!

That's about it for my week. How is your week going?

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