2019 kiln firing review

2019 kiln firing review

Most perfectionists and workaholics can agree with me, a lot of the time I don't feel like I do that much -- I feel like I should be always on the move, and everything I do, I should be doing at 103%. It's posts like this that look back at a chunk of something that make me feel.... uh, yeah. Yeah, I do in fact do THAT MUCH. Here's a look back at all my kiln firings in 2019.

I mean, that's just a couple-few, yeah?!

That is 55 kiln firings. FIFTY-FIVE. And I know for a fact there's at least one, a small kiln firings of magnets, that I forgot to photograph.

That's a little over one kiln firing a week.

I think I can put those thoughts of "I don't do enough" to bed, eh?

14 bisque firings.

41 glaze firings.

28 firings in Big Geek.

27 firings in Little Geek.

How many of those do you think I was 100% pleased with? Well. See above, "perfectionist". But I'd say I was 80% satisfied with 80% of them, how about that?

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