25 Days of Giftmas

25 Days of Giftmas

Get ready, y'all, this is going to be wild. I've never done anything like this before... truth is, I'm a little nervous! Let me tell you about it...

Starting on Friday, November 24th (Black Friday), and running 25 days until Monday, December 18th, I'm going to do something different every 24 hours.

Why? Because you want to support small businesses with your holiday spending, but the places you love to shop the most, make everything by hand, and just doesn't have the stock (or ability to restock fast enough) to justify those big blow-out sales. What's a holiday shopper who wants to support small hand-craft businesses to do?

Well. Instead of some one-day Black Friday or Cyber Monday doorbuster... how about small sales and surprises every day, starting the Friday after Thanksgiving and running for 25 days?

At approximately 8 AM every morning (starting 11/24), the corresponding day's graphic on this page will change to see what the day will bring; some will be a link to a discounted item on the site, some will contain a discount code, some will be a link to a super-secret item available just that day. Additionally, a written description will be added on that page as we all know graphics can sometimes cause trouble on some devices.

You will also be able to get the day's graphic on social media; at approximately 8 AM the new day's special will be posted on InstagramFacebook, and Google + . Technology! It's like magic! Even more magic? You can sign up for notifications on both Instagram and Facebook to know exactly when I post (helpful if your feeds are like mine and hardly ever show you want you want to see).

To activate notifications on Facebook: Go to the page you want notifications from (HaldeCraft, in this case). Look under the header photo, and find the buttons that say Liked/Following/Share. Hover over the one that says "Following". Under "In Your News Feed" it'll say "Notifications". Click on "ON". It should allow you to choose from a variety of things like events, live videos, etc; I usually just click on "all" at first and see how often I get notified, then narrow it down from there. To STOP getting notifications, go to exactly the same place, but choose "all off".

To activate notifications on Instagram: Go to the profile page for the person you're following (in this case, again, HaldeCraft). Look for the triple-dot buttons in the upper right-hand corner. Click on that. Tap on "Turn on Post Notifications". To STOP getting notifications, go exactly the same place but choose "Turn off Post Notifications". Keep in mind - I do not personally use notifications but I have heard from friends that it can eat your battery life.

Is there some fine print? You know it.

- anything with a coupon code runs from 12:01 AM through 11:59 PM of the same day (Eastern Standard/Florida time). Not a minute before, not a minute after.
- any specials that do NOT have a coupon code but are a special item of the day, run from approximately 8 AM to 8 AM of the next day (when the graphic is changed to reflect the next day's item).
- daily graphics with the day's special will be posted on InstagramFacebook, and Google + at approximately 8 AM.
- discounts and specials are only available for products in stock that day (if an item is out of stock, it can not be pre-ordered with the day's discount or code for free shipping).
- stock counts are as-is; handmade quantities are often limited and the stock is what the stock is. Once sold out - and items may sell out quickly when on sale - it may not be restocked for a few weeks.
- products can not be put on hold to be bought on a different day using a different code or coupon.
- I am one person doing all of this by myself; please don't be angry if something you want at a discount sold out a few days previously and I have not yet had time to make another (ceramics, for example, can take six weeks or longer to restock). We're all human. If it really is a travesty that something is out of stock, contact me. I happily work with folks on solving tough problems, together, as a team.
- questions or concerns about something I didn't cover? Contact me!

Thanks y'all, and have a great Thanksgiving week!


PS. I almost forgot! Want to find out in advance what each day's sale or discount code is going to be, so you can plan out your shopping? Sign up for my newsletter before Tuesday, November 21st. On Wednesday, November 22nd, I'll be sending out a newsletter that will include the list of what's happening on each of the 25 days!

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