Recently restocked at HaldeCraft...

And not just restocked items, but a few new things as well!


In yarn, restocks include Tepper in Blue Sun, Andre and Tiptree and Cranberries, Lynn in Hogtown, Elizabeth in None of Your Beeswax, Tepper in Pretty in Pink, Lynn, Marion, and Tiptree in Ranger Baby, Elizabeth in Vodka & OJ, and lastly, Windling in Weathered Wood. Joy in Hogtown is new (Joy is my new sport-weight yarn), and so is Elizabeth in Ranger Baby - although I had to dip into my dwindlng supply of Elizabeth to do that, because it's been sadly discontinued by my distributor. What I have now is all I'll ever have, so if you love this Superwash Merino/Seacell yarn as much as I do, you'd best snatch it up! Spinning fiber restocks include Minerva in Irish Coffee and None of Your Beeswax.

You can find all of the yarn here, and all of the spinning fiber here.

In ceramics, jumbo yarn bowls and neatly wrapped yarn cups have been restocked (and still haven't sold out! Go get yours, now!). And I have some prototype mugs that I made right before moving and didn't have a chance to list... I'm really looking forward to revisiting the decal work on a different mug design just as soon as my workshop is set up again! Those mugs you can find here,  and while the knitting ones have already sold out, you can still get ones that say crafting, crocheting, spinning, or weaving since birth (and drinking since noon).

Thanks, y'all!

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