Down but not out

I don't know if I've really brought it up here before - mostly because it's not HaldeCraft related, really - but my dogs fight sometimes. Mostly it happens when the four-legged dog (Corwin) accidentally bumps up against (Lindy) the three-legged dog's stump, which scares Lindy and she snaps at Corwin, who snaps back, and a fight ensues.

Ring finger, severely fractured, possibly also with a popped tendon. My dog is sorry she's a jerk. Thanks for making moving the rest of the house and studio stuff, painting the rest of my studio, renovating the house we're moving out of, and, oh, pretty m

Monday they got in a fight because they got overexcited seeing a turtle and when I tried to pull them away, they turned on each other - with me in between them as I was walking them on leashes. I was trying to hold on tightly to the leashes and keep them apart from each other, and in doing so my hand got tangled in Corwin's leash and it fractured the ring finger of my left hand and involved all the knuckles on that hand -- I'll spare you closeup photos but my hand sort of resembles a bunch of purple grapes. I don't even want to think about the unnatural direction in which the one finger is pointing (thank goodness it's covered with a splint). Ick.

What does this have to do with HaldeCraft? Early Monday morning I go in for hand surgery. At the best I'll just need two screws in that finger; worst case he'll have to add a plate. I don't know how long recovery is but between immediate recovery and physical therapy, I may be out for a little while. I'm lining up help from my wonderful friends to assist me with getting orders out the door, so that's not a problem (although anything ordered between 6/4 and 6/9 might not go out until 6/10 at the earliest) -- however, it looks like I may have to put a hold on custom orders again.

You don't know how much that breaks my heart; but I don't know for how long I won't have full use of my left hand, and until the surgery is over and I start with physical therapy I won't really have an idea. (Although you could argue that all my crafting is excellent physical therapy!)

I will keep you all posted, and remember, after the 10th I will have help lined up to get regular orders out the door as quickly as possible - so don't be afraid to place an order for anything currently in stock!

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