Five standard HaldeCraft base yarns

I dye a number of base yarns here at HaldeCraft, both standard, every-day yarns, and spoil-yourself, luxury yarns. Here are five of my go-to standards, in four different weights.


Andre (fingering/sock): Andre comes in a 400 yard/100 gram put-up, and has a nice good twist to it. Many sock knitters gravitate to this yarn because of the 20% nylon content (the rest of the yarn is 80% Superwash Merino). This is a hard-working, sturdy yarn - yet remains soft and fluffy - and is great for projects that will see a lot of use/wear. On Ravelry? You can see projects made with Andre here.

Joy (sport): Joy is a 100% Superwash Merino, and takes the dye like a dream. It comes in a 325 yard/100 gram put-up and is a little more springy (and is just a bit thicker) than Andre. On Ravelry? Joy is a new yarn, and once people stop fondling and start working with it, you will find those projects here.

Lynn (DK): Lynn is a wonderful addition to my line (I was just talking on Ravelry about my sweater plans for it) and as another 100% Superwash Merino, takes the dye deeply and well. It comes in 231 yard/100 gram put-ups and is deliciously squishy. On Ravelry? This is also a relatively new yarn but you can see projects made with Lynn here.

Tepper (worsted): Everyone's favorite! Tepper is a soft, fluffy worsted weight yarn that is another 100% Superwash Merino. The put-up size is 218 yard/100 grams and speaking from experience, I can tell you that tjis yarn holds up well to ripping out and reworking... multiple times (sigh... we've all had projects like that, right?) On Ravelry? You can see projects made with Tepper here.

Tiptree (fingering/sock): One of my original bases from when I and two friends had a yarn store (Hanks Yarn and Fiber), pre- HaldeCraft. Tiptree is also a 100% Superwash Merino and while it is perfectly fine to use that on socks, most people choose this yarn for gloves and outer garments because of how rich the dye looks on the yarn. It comes in 400 yard/100 gram put-ups and is my personal go-to base yarn. On Ravelry? You can see projects made with Tiptree here.

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