Five unique things for your garden and houseplants

Gardens and houseplants; two things that almost everyone loves (or at least loves looking at, even if you don't love the work that comes with them). This time of year, though, if you're in the heat of summer... you're probably spending more time inside with the houseplants than outside in the garden. That doesn't mean you're not planning your fall garden, though! Here are five things HaldeCraft has that can add a little excitement to either your garden, your inside houseplants, or putting together a little green space on your porch.


1. Alligator African Violet planters - Some people have trouble with their African Violets, because the soil needs to be moist at all times. Not dry, not overwatered, but moist. This self-watering African Violet pot can help if you’re having trouble with your soil – the water will slowly seep through the unglazed portion of the pot, and when the glazed portion is out of water, simply refill! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! And whether you’re a Florida Gator fan, or an alligator fan, this guy is going to bring a smile to your face.

2. Gertrude and Tippy - Meet Gertrude and Tippy, a sister-set. Practically twins, Tippy is the younger of the two and about half the size of her older sister, Gertrude. You can see by their toothy smiles, however, that they have the same facial features. Whatever they're laughing about, it's probably hilarious. Look at those adorable giggly smiles, and those teeth just coming in. You just want to pinch their cheeks! (Gertrude and Tippy are a set.)

3. Decorated cow skull planter - This cow skull planter would be perfect for your succulents, or in a xeriscaped garden, and is just begging for something to take root inside of it. Additionally, this version has been dressed up and handpainted in a style reminiscent of Sugar Skulls. Because, really, what else could possibly make a skull planter more fabulous?!

4. Rimmed planters - This rimmed planter has both a drainage hole in the bottom and a matching tray for the planter to rest on. Available in a variety of two-color mixes, the top glaze color drips and blends into the bottom color in a way that only hand-painted glazes can do - and no two pots (even different sized pots with the same glazes) will ever come out the same way.

5. Fruit and Vegetable markers - The perfect thing for your Spring (or Fall) garden; plant markers! Show off what you're growing before the plant even blooms, with these sturdy and weather-hardy fruit and vegetable markers. They are eight inches tall and designed to stick right down in the dirt; even the ones with the longest names have at least three inches available to stick down into your garden soil. Available in a variety of fruits and vegetables!

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