Works-in-progress (07/08/15)

What are you working on this week? I’ve been working on three different big things this week (even with one finger still in a cast!). Many of this I've already posted about, so consider this post really more of a recap if you've missed anything!

First up... remember the seating area of my studio?

IMG_7481 IMG_7480

Right before I fractured that finger, I bought some paint to give the seating area more of a bohemian, artsy feel that would stand out from the butter yellow that we chose for the rest of the studio.

Two coats! Well, one regular coat and one really light coat. When this dries, I'll decide if I need to get a second gallon and do a third coat next week. After that, drywall the ceiling, trim/baseboards, and putting the furniture back right!

I got that painted this weekend (with only getting a little on my cast, hahahaha!); the ceiling needs to be drywalled and painted and the furniture moved back... but I’m happy with how the Wild Berry (or was it Wild Plum) turned out. I wasn't sure if I'd be happy or not - it went on much more pink (thank goodness it dried darker) and I thought I'd have to get another gallon to do another coat, but I'm content with how it is. Once the furniture is moved back, I'll recover the couch, put in a microwave and also be a coffee maker, another chair for seating, and I'd like to get an Oriental rug for the floor that will tie in the colors. The couch is also a fold-out bed, in case we have surprise guests or overflow from parties, and eventually that bathroom will get finished... eventually...

New in the shop - red pine cone stitch markers! Available in rings that fit up to a US 8 (5mm) or in lobster clasps. I feel like I'm forgetting to tell you something vital about them. Link in the comments!  #stitchmarkers

I’ve been working on some stitch markers that I’ll be bringing into the shop over the next few days - here are the first ones that rolled out yesterday, with pine cones. I've since added books, cats, a feather, and tomorrow I'll bring in ones with teacups. You can check out all the new ones here. They are $15 for a set of five; I'm also considering sets of four (which won't have dangly charms on them) and/or single ones. And of course different colors! Y'all know me and colors. Must have ALL THE COLORS!

On the cat: knitting. On the needles: former club colorway "Advice from a Caterpillar" on my Marion base yarn. Pattern started as boring stockinette but now that I can knit again I want patterns! Starting "Crest of the Wave" after the heel. #knittersofins

And lastly, since I can knit now… I’ve been knitting! These were stockinette, but since I’ve reached the heel and am bored out of my mind, I’m going to throw in a pattern for the leg. Crest of the Wave, and since I took this photo Monday night I've completed two rounds of the pattern. Which isn't much to complete, but I started new physical therapy exercises on my hand this week and it's making my hand achy by the end of the day... so still some knitting, but not a lot.

That’s what I’m working on so far this week! What about y'all? What are you working on?

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