Five new stitch markers at HaldeCraft

I am over the moon about finally cementing how I want to do stitch markers, and here are the first five I've brought into the shop. You know I won't be able to stop making them (they're pretty addictive) so... what do you think I should do next? Bring in more colors? Bring in different charms? Let me know!


Books - available with either gray or red beads; you love reading. You love working with yarn. You can't always marry your love of books and your love of handcrafting... but now you can, with these book stitch markers! Even if you can't read while you crochet or knit, you can at least show off your love of the written word while you show others around you how much you love to work with your hands.

Cats - available with either gray or red beads; maybe your cats like to play with your yarn, and you have to safely hide it from them. Maybe your cats just like to lay in your lap while you handcraft. Maybe your cat is the star of your finished object photo shoots! Now you can include your love of cats in your handiwork, in a safe way - this dangling kitty will always be reaching for your yarn but will never get to it.

Feathers - available with red beads; if you saw these included as swag in a recent yarn club, and missed out...? Now's your chance to grab these gorgeous stitch markers! Your handcrafting is beautiful; don't you deserve to be spoiled with lovely stitch markers?

Pine cones - available with red beads; your hand-crafting is already stunning, but consider bringing in the beauty of nature with these pine cone stitch markers as you work. Available for both knitters and crocheters, these stitch markers can either mark your spot in between repeats or help you count rows, depending on whether you opt for the ringed or the lobster claw version.

Teacups - available with either gray or red beads; you love handcrafting. You love tea. Now you can have a little cuppa to go along with your crochet or knitting, without worrying it's going to get cold! This sweet little cup, spoon, and saucer brings on thoughts of lace doilies, dainty cookies, and pleasant conversation... and it will help you keep track of your pattern repeats or rows!

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