Five new and restocked ceramics this week at HaldeCraft

Last week I fired the kiln for the first time since the move in April and May; towards the end of May I had just gotten to the point where I was ready to start work on a number of things, and then... broken finger/hand surgery. Surprise! But things are definitely on the mend now, and I was able to not only get a few things restocked, but also finish a few new things I'd started before the move!


Cat soap dish - Did you notice - and wonder why - this cat is wearing a tie? Perhaps he wanted to dress formally to impress you with how good he will look when he's showing off the soap in your bathroom? Perhaps he wanted to you think he's the cat's meow! You have to admit, he is mighty good-looking (and holds a fair amount of soap). Bring your love of cats into the bathroom (but none of the mess of an actual cat) with this dapper cat soap dish.

The Marie soap dish - If the home is one's castle, the bathroom is one's place of refuge. It can be a place to hide away from the world, if not even hide from the rest of the house. If your bathroom is your zen space, your bathtub, filled with bubbles and your favorite book at your side, don't you deserve a beautiful soap dish to round out your haven? These generous-sized dishes are impressed with a hand-crocheted doily (with thanks to Marie) and come in a variety of colors to match your decorating tastes.

Mushroom bowls - When were you born? What kind of kitchen did you grow up with? Chances are you might be familiar with this 1970s-era double-sided mushroom design, popular in kitchens all over the country. Revisit your childhood (or your imagined childhood) with these retro inspired dishes. Extensive testing has shown that these dishes do in fact make food served in them 103% more groovy*!

*percentages may be a little off, or even entirely made up. Shhh!

Owl mugs - Whoooo can resist this adorable owl mug? Whether you're pulled towards the calming blues of one of them, or charmed by the retro browns and yellows of the other, one of these mugs is sure to make you smile. This mug holds a generous 14 ounces, and will happily keep you contented with whatever your favorite beverage might be.

Red Cross soap dish - Originally designed to be an ashtray, this Red Cross dish also makes a unique soap dish. Whether you're decorating to fit a particular theme, or just like the shape and size of the dish, it's going to look fantastic on your bathroom counter.

Bonus! The Butter Dishes have also all been restocked!

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