Works-in-progress Wednesday (07/29/15)

This week I'm working on a number of things (when I can fit work in between six-times-a-day physical therapy, which is practically a full-time job!).

In the studio, I'm working on organizing the molds, putting like-with-like, to make it easier for me to find molds when I have a custom order and also for just general pouring -- say, for example, I don't have any custom work one week but want to pour things to get ahead, I can pour all the planters at once, or all the mugs at once. I'm so excited and delighted to be this organized. I never had room for that in the old studio, and feel this is going to make my production so much more streamlined. Am I done yet? Now? How about now?!

Figurines and planters and ashtrays and baby heads and mugs, oh my! #ceramics #ceramicstudio

In ceramics, I'm working on getting everything I fired last weekend photographed and listed in the shop... things like these mugs pictured below (which you can find here). The brown will always be my personal favorite, but my goodness, am I happy with how that purple turned out! What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Coming this week (because! I like! big mugs! and I can not lie!) #ceramics

In yarn, nothing really exciting is happening now that yarn club is over. I did, however, finish a pair of socks I've been working on in former club colorway, Advice from a Caterpillar. The pattern is one by Charlene Schurch, Crest of the Wave, and it's one of my go-to patterns because of how well it works with both solid and multi-colored yarns.

Off the needles - the pattern is "Crest of the Wave" and the yarn is my former club colorway "Advice from a Caterpillar" on my Marion base. #knittersofinstagram #HCyarnclub

And in my personal life, we're keeping a close eye on this little girl, after she got nipped on the cheek by a pygmy rattlesnake late last week. (Oh, country living.) She seems to be recovering well, knock on wood, and is on a two-week round of powerful antibiotics which will hopefully kill anything left in her system near the bite mark. Fortunately she responded well to treatment right away, so I have hopes that no other medical intervention will be necessary -- the poor girl already lost a leg before we adopted her, I'd hate to see her need a facial skin graft as well! You'll all be glad to know that we probably won't need snake avoidance training as ever since she got bit, she even backs away from sticks that are the same color as the rattlesnake. Good girl, Lindy!

THIS FACE. Our #threeleggeddog got nipped by a pygmy rattlesnake on our walk last night, at about 8:30. We were hoping she'd avoided it but by about 10 PM her face was starting to swell; we took her to the nighttime emergency clinic where she spent the ni

So. That's my week. What are you working on this week? How's your week going so far?

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