Five new stitch markers at HaldeCraft

Are you a knitter or crocheter (or know one, and are looking for a gift that isn't yarn)? Then this post is for you! There are some new stitch markers at HaldeCraft this week... here are five of them. Oh - and the stitch markers come with either rings (good for knitters in that they can slip from one needle to the other, marking your spot in the pattern between pattern repeats) or with lobster claws (good for crocheters in that they can be clipped to the yarn in between pattern repeats - and also good for knitters, for helping to count rows!).


A bee and honeycomb: You are a busy little bee, with all your projects and everything you're working on. Don't look around for someone to sting if you lose your spot in your project - these adorable little stitch markers will keep you on track and keep your disposition as sweet as honey.

Deathly Hallows (in maroon and gold): Is there anything more fun than settling down to watch a movie (or even a marathon of a series) and casting on a new project at the same time? Now you can sort your project into the correct house, and keep your place in your project when you can hardly take your eyes off the screen.

Deathly Hallows (in green and silver): Similar to the ones above, but in a different house color (and other house colors will be coming before the Winter Holidays, in case you're thinking ahead for gifts).

Pine cone (in yellow): Your hand-crafting is already stunning, but consider bringing in the beauty of nature with these pine cone stitch markers as you work. Available for both knitters and crocheters, these stitch markers can either mark your spot in between repeats or help you count rows, depending on whether you opt for the ringed or the lobster claw version. Also available with green or red beads!

Spinning wheel (in purple): It's not enough, for you, to use or wear The Thing. You also have to make The Thing. And sometimes, it's not even enough to make The Thing, you have to spin the yarn you'll use for that, too! Use these stitch markers to show off the fact that you're working up your handspun yarn - or use them because of the solidarity you feel with the spinners of the past, or the person who spun the yarn you're using! Also available in green or red beads!

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