Five adorable buttons

That these buttons haven't been in stock has been entirely on my shoulders; I took them out of stock to take them to a show, and then completely forgot to check them back in again (coming back from a show is a little chaotic) and then just sort of... forgot about them. They weren't selling, so I didn't think about making more, forgetting completely that they weren't selling because I hadn't checked them back in. The perils of being a one-woman show, kids! Anyway, I've found them, I've done inventory, and I've checked them back into the shop. So let's talk buttons!


Basketweave buttons: Tiny crosshatches almost make this button look as if it were carved out of a basket. The design on this button is classy and versatile, good for a wide variety of garments, child or adult!

Rope buttons: This button looks like a tiny rope, curled up. It's a slightly smaller button than my other ones, and would look great on hand-knitted or crocheted garments!

Yarn (pillow style) buttons: These buttons are perfect for the yarnie in your life! How adorable are these going to look matching, or complimenting, your hand-knit or crocheted garments...? Perfectly adorable, that's how.

Yarn (wrapped style) buttons: Similar in size and shape to the pillow-style buttons, these are the slightly less fancy of the two and would be great for utilitarian garments.

Set of three yarn buttons: Can't decide between the two style of yarn buttons? Opt for a set of three, one in the two styles above and a third style that compliments them both!

And that's it for buttons right now, although I do plan on listing some new ceramic buttons (bunnies and sheep) next week, and some time in the next couple of kiln firings I'll have more (and after that, new cat and owl buttons). We're going button-crazy over here at HaldeCraft!

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