We meet again, for the first time

Hello, both old friends and new friends. I am so glad that you have either discovered me, or followed me from Etsy, or that some very good friend of yours (with impeccable taste) has sent you my way. Welcome!

Browse around and get a feel for what I do. My shop is eclectic, and yet also cohesive. I've been crafting almost since the day I was born, and never tire of it. My initial love of ceramics was followed by soap-making, after which I picked up knitting, spinning, and dyeing yarn. Lip balms and lotions came out of wanting to learn about and make new things that would compliment my line of soaps. And most recently I've picked up a loom (maybe if I learn to weave, I can get through some of this handspun yarn a little more quickly). 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you might think my shop doesn't go together... but trust me. The more you look around the more you'll see that what I make... is what you need.

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