Works-in-Progress Wednesday (10/28/15)

What are you working on this week? While yesterday was the least productive day I've had in a while, the days before and the rest of this week will more than make up for that!


In ceramics I'm firing the kiln even as I type this, with some new Good Morning mugs (you know, the ones with the bluebird on the handle?), a mug that's a new design for me, and also some large planters. Today and tomorrow I'll be making yarn bowls, and I hope they'll be dry enough to fire the kiln by Saturday or Sunday at the latest (I'd love to get them glazed and fired again by the end of next week)!

In soap, I just had a major restocking - if I listed everything I made that would take up almost the full page, so let's just say you can find all my soap here.  Next week I plan to mark down some soap I'll be moving out, and if you saw my newsletter over the weekend you'll know that there's a new fragrance coming in by the end of November (and I have at least two more new fragrances, maybe as many as five, to bring in over 2016).

In yarn, there was a big update the week before last (and again, some news in that newsletter). Monday I finished winding all the new base yarn, Yolen, and it's now all photographed; it'll take me about a day to edit photos and write all the listings, and I'll start on that just as soon as I've finished the yarn bowls I mentioned above. Yolen should be available no later than the weekend!

Also this weekend? Yarn club opens up November 1st! Have you missed yarn club as much as I have? I'm so excited about this round, both because of having to take time off from it and because of the theme.

Lastly, I'm doing some planning this week (OK, I know, I know, when am I *not* doing some planning) for next year. In truth, also for later this year. The biggest news I can share right now is that y'all know how I usually mark some things down in January, as sort of a post-holiday, pre-doing-inventory sale? This year I'm going to mark down the things I normally would put on sale in January, on sale in November instead. This'll save you a little money if you're shopping for gifts (or save your loved ones some money if they're shopping for you), and honestly, if I already know I'm going to mark it down, why don't I go ahead and DO that? So if you haven't taken a look at the sale section, not only would I go poke through there now if I were you, but I'd bookmark it and come back once a week or so because things are going to be popping up there throughout next month.

That's about it for me, y'all. What about you? What are you working on this week?

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