HaldeCraft, seen in the wild!

A couple of months ago I got a request from the husband of one of my customers; I had made her some dishes a few months before, would I mind making a butter dish that matches? Are you kidding? I love stuff like that! She was kind enough to snap a little action shot for me --

And if you are at all of the nerd persuasion like we are, and are wondering about the little monster near the butter....? You should go check her blog post!


  • Hey, Penny, thanks for commenting! You didn’t miss anything with the steps — but unfortunately this one is slipcast, so there’s no template. I have another one that I did for one-pound blocks (this one is for regular sticks) and that one I made by basically folding the clay around the one-pound block of butter and hoping for the best.

    Good luck, and happy almost retirement!

    Lorena Haldeman
  • I saw your butter dish tour on Pinterest and I think I must of missed steps 1 and 2! I teach Ceramics in a high school in North Carolina and my students want to make butter dishes. Could you please share your templates? Thank you so much!! I have really enjoyed looking through your site; I hope to be able to play in the clay 24/7 when I retire in June!! Thank you – Penny Paul

    Penny Paul
  • <3


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