Four... three... two... one... YARN SALE!

Four... three... two... one... YARN SALE!

Four base yarns are on sale. Three of them will never return. Two previously discontinued yarns surprised me by showing up with a few more skeins in a bin. One colorway is being discontinued.


Four base yarns are on sale. Elizabeth, Marion, Octavia, and Zelazny have all been marked down by 20%. No discount code or coupon is necessary, the 20% discount is automatically supplied. You can look at each one individually at those links or go straight to the sale section here.

Why are they being discontinued? Well, in the case of Octavia, it's just being put on hiatus; Octavia will come back in Spring of 2017 (so stock up if you think you might want some in the next year). Marion is being replaced with Yolen, a similar yarn in as much as it's a Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon setup, only Yolen has 10% more Cashmere (mmmmm) and also has a tighter, springier twist and won't pill/felt as easily (and has the loveliest sheen!). Marion may show back up once or twice more in yarn club, though, if that's a consideration for you. Elizabeth has been discontinued by my distributor so there's no way for me to get any more of it (sob!), and sadly Zelazny just hasn't been selling enough to justify keeping it and bringing it in, in all the new colors I have planned for next year.

I was surprised a few weeks ago when cleaning out some bins to find some Gentle and Ursula, that I thought I had previously marked down and sold out of; those have been marked down a little more, and everything I have is now listed - pinky swear!

Additionally, the Browncoat colorway is being discontinued.

Oh, and two more things before I sign off! Yarn club is open; spots will remain open until December 31st, and yarn club ships in January, February, and March. You can read more about the theme this round and details of the club, here.

Lastly, on December 1, 2015, the price of base yarns Andre, Lynn, Tepper, and Tiptree, will be increasing $1, from $23 to $24. This will not affect the price of the current round of yarn club up for sale now, but clubs after Summer 2016 will show a small price adjustment.

Thanks, y'all, and have a great week!

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