Works-in-progress Wednesday (11/11/15)

Works-in-progress Wednesday (11/11/15)

What are you working on this week (besides celebrating our Veterans today?)?


In ceramics I just listed fifteen new yarn bowls - five in the Grace style, five in Marie, and five in Vivi. They're all photographed with the doily I used to make that style, which will hopefully help you choose which one you are drawn to the most, when you can see the doily alongside how the glaze takes to the impressions. I love each one, but of course am drawn to the browns - I've had many people ask me for one in Pistachio, though, so there's one there, and another in Spiced Cream, which people were also asking for. Which colors are your favorites?

In soap I'm making a huge list of what to make next week, both for restocks and in preparation for GLAM the first Sunday of December. I'm also planning out spots in the Year of Soap that have sold, plotting which new fragrances to bring in for them, and which ones of those might make it to the shop. You did read about that, right? How you could get a bar of soap every month for 2016, without having to remember to place an order?

In yarn I'm dying up a couple of restocks, but mostly I am dyeing a new colorway for the shop, Dorian Gray. What, what?! And a new limited colorway that I'll list and take pre-orders for, like with Sweet Baby James. No teaser photos yet as I haven't rewound them, but I'll give you a hint -- the name of the colorway is "Irish Butter." Pique your interest? I'll release Dorian Gray the weekend after Thanksgiving, and will start taking pre-orders for Irish Butter at the same time.

In other things... I'm trying to plan out the next couple of weeks. You probably all know already that we have family staying with us for the winter, That Poor Man's aunt and uncle. Additionally, one of That Poor Man's sisters is coming in today to spend a week between us and their sister, Ranger Amy. Hopefully with so many handy people in and around our house in the next few days, we'll get the Tortoise Wall put up in the back yard and will finally be able to finish the back yard fence (less walking of the dogs, if we can just let them loose in a fenced-in area!). Jenny will be here until next week. The week after that is Thanksgiving, and the weekend after Thanksgiving, That Poor Man is going up to North Carolina with his aunt and uncle to load up a U-haul with everything in their storage unit (include Cetty's pottery wheel and many tools and oxides and other shop goodies) and bring it back here. Just an FYI for my local friends, we will really, really, really need help unloading that U-haul when Tim comes back with it, there will be a couple of heavy things that Tim and I won't be able to handle by ourselves. And the weekend after that is GLAM, and then it's just two-and-a-half weeks until Christmas. And then New Year's! Whew! November and December are always a whirlwind. Busy, crazy, but I love it - this is my favorite time of year, I think.

Just one last thing - don't forget that I'm having the biggest yarn sale I've ever had right now. Get your hands on some retiring bases!

Thanks, y'all!

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