Works-in-progress Wednesday (11/18/15)

Works-in-progress Wednesday (11/18/15)

What are you working on this week? As usual, I have a focus (this week, it's soap) but I have a finger in almost everything, even if it's just a little!


In ceramics, I'm working on making some baby head planters for GLAM (Sunday, December 6th, Gainesville!) and trying to figure the best way to make some of them into mugs. Tee hee hee. I've also just finished a set of dishes for a friend, am planning some new yarn bowls that I'd also like to have for GLAM, and ruminating on the best way to make one-pound butter dishes (margarine bowls are still sidelined, but I'm working on it).

In soap, I am making soap like a madwoman this week (I wish it was more exciting to photograph). The response to my little guest soaps of the new fragrance, Brown Sugar & Spice, was phenomenal, thank you! I am all out of those, and full-sized bars will hit the shop the weekend after Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, just last night I started restocking soap I've made this week that's been wrapped and labeled, including Black Amber & Lavender, Champagne Sugar, Coconut Lemongrass, Fig & Plum, Hinoki Wood, Kentish Rain, Mountain Man, Oakmoss Sandalwood, Tortuga Hills, and the limited fragrance Sandalwood Vanilla (I listed five bars, and I have enough fragrance to make approximately 10-12 more). I told you I was making a lot! A few more fragrances will be restocked by Friday or Saturday. You can find all the soap here.

In yarn, I had both a small fiber and a small yarn update last week. Like, really small - just a couple colors in Tiptree and Tepper, and Athena and Neith. Mostly my dyeing time last week was spent dyeing a new color that I'll be releasing the weekend after Thanksgiving, Dorian Gray, and a limited edition color called Irish Butter that I'll start taking preorders on that weekend as well. And plotting yarn club! Don't forget about yarn club! As I write this, while spots with no swag are unlimited, there are only four spots left with swag (two each of sock and worsted). I upped the swag spots from 20 to 25 this time around, just sayin'!

In knitting I am almost done with a pair of socks that I plan to release the pattern for after Thanksgiving (that'll be a busy weekend, eh?) and I'm also still wildly obsessed with my Lady Eleanor. You can't stop the entrelac!

And not related to work, really (other than it benefits my "employees"), OUR BACK YARD IS ALMOST DONE! That Poor Man's Handy Sister came down from Indiana for a week and really whipped her brother into a finishing frenzy. We had come to the conclusion we weren't going to win against the tortoise, since he snuck back in every time we moved him back to his original burrow (why is SpellCheck not recognizing the word "snuck"? Is that a word I just made up? I thought it was the past tense of "sneak"! English majors, to the rescue!), so we built a little enclave to fence him off from the dogs and opened the wire fence on his side to give him easy access to and from his burrow. Then also blocked his view of the yard with some cloth conveniently left by the people working on our house before we bought it. We still have a little siding we need to cut, stain, and put up around the bottom of the deck so the dogs can't get under the house, so right now they need to be supervised in the back yard, but it's already so much easier than walking them six or eight times a day!

So... that's my week. What about y'all? What are you working on? What's in progress for you?

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