Five gift ideas for that one quirky friend who's hard to shop for

Five gift ideas for that one quirky friend who's hard to shop for

We all have them. That one friend for whom we live to find that one present that lights up their face when they open, because it's so odd, so hard to find, so them ... we know when we see it in their eyes that it's not just the tangible gift they're pleased with, it's the fact that we know them so well and can find things that express that.


Baby Head planters: Just imagine them with a cactus growing out of their wee head spaces! You know you have a friend who won't be able to stop giggling at that.

Knitting and Crochet tools inspired by Fantasy novels: available in two different school colors, this is the perfect gift for your friend who couldn't stop talking about knitting or crocheting clothes for house elves!

Cow skull planters: available in both plain and decorated, this would be perfect for someone with a Southwest-inspired garden.

Not your Grandmother's Virgin Mary: While traditional styles are available, too, the ones that really catch your eye are the ones that are just a little bit different, a little bit dressy, a little bit edgy - not unlike the friend you're shopping for!

Yarn inspired by science fiction: Yarn inspired by book and movie titles, or shadow corporations from a distant part of the galaxy. Some of it is even on sale right now!

Thanks, y'all!

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