Works-in-Progress Wednesday (12/30/15)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (12/30/15)

What are you working on this week? In an ideal world, we'd all be celebrating all week long with people we love and who love us... so hopefully your week contains at least a little of that. Here's what my week contains....


In ceramics I'm not doing much at the moment; my last kiln firing of the year was full of decals, most of which worked, and I'm getting ready to make a custom listing so that should any of you want your photos on a tile, we can make that happen!

In soap I'm contemplating sets again. They did really well, then didn't do well at all, and all of a sudden over the course of about two weeks I'm almost completely sold out. So I'm looking at revamping the sets and making more, possibly with different presentation options for those interested in giving them as a gift.

In yarn I'm all yarn club this week! I'm so excited about this round of yarn club (spots still open through the end of the day on the 31st) that I've already started dyeing the January selection. I'm having a bit of a panic in that I haven't heard from the company I was ordering January swag from, and I'd replace it for February swag except they don't have enough, so... I have a backup plan, but I really was hoping for a specific something! I'm sure it'll all wind up fine in the end, though.

In office stuff I am planning, planning, planning! I'm also contemplating doing a Plan-with-me Challenge on Instagram, which if I do, will mean showing off my planner a bit more. I know a few of you have had bullet journal questions, so maybe if I do this, it'll help ya'll with questions you have with your own planners.

And in my personal life I am like many of you, celebrating Christmas and family (either of origin or of choice) and friends and friends who are like family (we call that "framily" around here), and I'm getting ready to ring in the New Year. I have high hopes for 2016, and shall raise a glass in y'all's direction tomorrow night.

Until next year, y'all!

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