Works-in-Progress Wednesday (01/13/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (01/13/16)

What are you working on this week? This week my main focus is yarn, with a few minutes here and there for ceramics as I can fit that in (y'all know how I'll do almost anything to fit in a few minutes of ceramics).


In ceramics I'm working on the full release of baby head mugs (remember how I made some prototypes late last year?). I should have seven of them, in a variety of colors (which I have not yet firmed up, so if you definitely want to see one in a specific color, you should let me know this week!). I already love them and am excited to be working on them!

In soap I'm getting ready to mail out the first round of 2016: A Year in Soap. It's like a big-online-retailer subscription service, wherein I mail you a bar of soap once a month on the 20th, but handmade soap by an actual human who will listen to you! How crazy is that?! I spent about a day designing a card to include that will remind you of what fragrance it was, a space for notes, and then on the back, a list of everything you've gotten during the year.

I'm also working on planning out some new guest sets. I'm planning them three different ways; just six soaps (like the normal guest sets I carry now), six soaps in an organza bag, or six soaps in a gift bag with crinkle paper. So if you're getting it as a gift for someone, you have some options about how to present it! Earthy is going to be my first set, and I'm eyeing Amber Patchouli, Ancient Sedona, Cedarwood Amber, In the Wild, Kentish Rain, and Oakmoss Sandalwood as the six fragrances for that.

Yarn is my primary focus this week; between the Irish Butter release (Friday, if they're dry, cross your fingers!) and Yarn Club (International in the mail today, Domestic on Monday the 18th), I have my hands full. January yarn is dyed, dried, wound, labeled, and almost all packed up, February yarn is dyed and is drying. Irish Butter is dyed and is drying. Dry faster! DRY FASTER!

In knitting I am so, so, so over the moon about my entrelac wrap, which is finished and blocking. I decided not to do the fringe that is on the pattern as written, in spite of how much I love the fringe, because I was given a hard lesson when weaving in ends that apparently my cat who used to like to eat yarn ends as a kitten... still likes to eat yarn ends. Sigh. At least she didn't eat the actually knitted part... this time. Again; sigh. Anyway, expect photos of that (the wrap, not of the cat eating my yarn) later this week!

So, that's me... what about y'all? What are you working on this week?

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