Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft this week

Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft this week

Mostly restocks, but how would you yarnies like a new, limited-edition colorway in a few different base yarns?


Blue Sun in Andre; everyone's favorite electric blue in everyone's favorite workhorse of a fingering-weight yarn.

Butter Dishes, which I can hardly keep in stock! If you like these utilitarian pieces, good for your standard one inch by one inch stick of butter... you're going to love it later this spring when I come out with something a little dressier that will be good for the larger, one-pound sticks! Until then, though, there are these pretty things.

Dorian Gray in Tepper, Tiptree, and Yolen; not quite a shadow, not quite a raincloud, not quite the color of smoke from a campfire... and yet somehow this is all of those things together. This rich gray, with subtle blue highlights, is sure to become one of your go-to colorway for those complicated stitch patterns that need a semi-solid yarn to show them to their best advantage.

Irish Butter, a new limited edition colorway for the shop. If Irish Coffee is your favorite shade of brown, and if the soft yellow of Buttercream melts your heart, then you will love this one! It's available in the Andre, Joy, Lynn, Tepper, Tiptree, and Yolen bases... at least, it is until it sells out!

Gertrude and Tippy; I do love these little creeptastic sisters. Practically twins, Tippy is the younger of the two and about half the size of her older sister, Gertrude. You can see by their toothy smiles, however, that they have the same facial features. Whatever they're laughing about, it's probably hilarious. Look at those adorable giggly smiles, and those teeth just coming in. You just want to pinch their cheeks!

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