Crafts & Drafts (01/16/15)

Yesterday we had the first HaldeCraft open house/crafternoon/Crafts & Drafts, and even though I'm a one-woman show I do say "we" because I could not have done it without help. And you all know that by "help" I mean "That Poor Man" who really went above and beyond to make some good food for our guests. Vegetarian Moroccan Stew, sweet potato bisque, BLT pinwheels (SO! CUTE!), an olive tepanade that disappeared before I could even get to it, plus he even did most of the clean-up... that man is a keeper! People also brought lots of food (don't you love how I'm talking about the food, first? I know the food wasn't the focus of the event, but it was all just so good!). Other friends brought vegan cupcakes, and a Brazilian Shepard's Pie, and brownies, and a host of other things.

So if the food wasn't the main focus... what was?! The studio! I wanted to bring together a variety of crafty people - mostly knitters and crocheters, but also embroiderers and jewelry makers and any other portable crafting - and give them a space to meet and hang out with other like-minded people, to have them see the studio they've been hearing so much about, and just generally to spend the day with amazing, funny, creative folks.



As you can see, that's exactly what happened! There was so much laughter and so many smiles and just such a great vibe the whole day... I am humbled.


2016-01-16 13.32.40

One high point was that a friend contacted Sharon and I not even two weeks ago, to say that she had just moved back to the area (she had moved states away a few years ago) and she came up for the event!

Friends also came from Jacksonville, and the Florida panhandle...  That Poor Man's parents even made an appearance, and they live in Northern Indiana! (OK, they didn't come just for the open house, but since they were visiting anyway and staying with Ranger Amy, we invited them over, and my Aunt and Uncle, so in addition to the Studio crowd there was also a lovely family gathering over at Cetty and Joe's. I loved seeing happy, smiling faces every time I turned around.




And now, I leave you with a special guest who made a surprise visit, even if they only stayed for a few minutes...


I find that auspicious.

Is this going to happen again? Absolutely! The next Crafts & Drafts will be Saturday, April 16th, from 12-5. I'll be doing a Facebook event for the party, so if you're on Facebook and don't want to miss the announcement, drop me a line so I make sure to invite you to the next one!

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