Five new and restocked items this week at HaldeCraft

Five new and restocked items this week at HaldeCraft

A little bit more for the yarnies and ceramic lovers this week! I've had mostly restocks this week, but one new item that many of you have been keeping an eye on since December.


Custom Tile: Your pet. A favorite family photo. Wedding photos. Your childhood home. Your best photo from Instagram that got the most hearts. Photos are important to you; they capture a place and a moment in time. This tile is the perfect way to memorialize that.

Deviled Egg trays: Not that deviled eggs need anything other than themselves to be popular at a party, but imagine when you show up not just with the eggs... but with the eggs displayed on a hand-painted plate! This deviled egg plate has a place for 15 eggs, plus room in the middle for anything else you'd like to put there; dipping sauce, vegetables, even more eggs!

Neatly Wrapped Yarn Ball cups: This “neatly wrapped” yarn ball cup (called so because if you look at it and think of wrapping up yarn into a ball, it looks like whoever wrapped this one was pretty darn meticulous) may not be the largest cup in the world but it is going to make *the* perfect gift for a yarnie! Use it for a small cup of tea or coffee, or to sit on the side of your work table and hold stitch markers and other small notions.

Purple Rain in Emma: A deep, rich, tonal purple that is mostly dark but has a few strands of a lighter shade shining through here and there. If you are called to jewel-like tones, if you can't get enough of purple (and maybe if you just started humming a certain song) you might be called to work with this yarn. If purple is your favorite color, makes your eyes light up and your heart sing, this yarn will be an exciting addition to your stash and project queue!

Soylent Green in Emma: Named after one of the many Charlton Heston mid-seventies science fiction movies that I can watch over and over again (which is loosely based on a novel by Harry Harrison, and there's your science fiction trivia for the day), this green is mossy and earthy (and possibly delicious, but I'll leave that up to you).

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