Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft this week

Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft this week

Here's a small update of things from this week, and a larger soap update will come tomorrow!


New in the shop - acorn stitch markers in brown and green. Who doesn't believe, even just a little bit, that acorns are magic? Fairies use the caps to drink out of, right? Now you can bring a little of that fairy magic into your hand-crafting. Available for both knitters and crocheters, these stitch markers can either mark your spot in between repeats or help you count rows, depending on whether you opt for the ringed or the lobster claw version.

Butter dishes, which I can hardly keep in stock! Maybe you feel a twinge when, at dinner, you bring out the butter on a small saucer. Or maybe on a cutting board that you'd rather be using for something else. Or maybe you don't even bring out butter at all, unless someone asks for it, just because you don't know what to carry it to the table with. This handpainted butter dish solves all your problems! It's functional, doesn't take up much room either on the table or in the refrigerator between meals, and it comes in a variety of colors that can match almost every setting.

Deviled egg trays, also a popular item! Not that deviled eggs need anything other than themselves to be popular at a party, but imagine when you show up not just with the eggs... but with the eggs displayed on a hand-painted plate! This deviled egg plate has a place for 15 eggs, plus room in the middle for anything else you'd like to put there; dipping sauce, vegetables, even more eggs!

Red Red Wine in Windling. A purplish red that is reminiscent of a beautiful dark Cabernet; this color catches the light (and your eye) and will - as the song goes - make you feel so fine. Windling is a luxury base yarn, a blend of baby Alpaca and British BlueFaced Leicester, and is so, so squishable!

Thanks, y'all!

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