New in the shop: Earthy Fragrance sampler set

New in the shop: Earthy Fragrance sampler set

New in the shop, a guest soap set that highlights HaldeCraft "earthy" fragrances. Available as just the six soaps, or with two different packaging options for gift-giving. The fragrances included are Amber Patchouli, Ancient Sedona, Cedarwood Amber, In the Wild, Kentish Rain, and Oakmoss Sandalwood.

Today is product photography, and... tomorrow will see these cuties up on the shop!

That's the good news! The bad news is that most of my work time last week week was spent reading documentation after documentation about why it appears to be impossible for me to list one item (the set) with three options (no packaging vs. two different packaging styles) that change the price slightly. Guess what! There's no way for me to do that! So I have two choices: I can make all three options in the listing and have them all stocked at 12 (as I made 12 sets) and adjust the stock of each of them every time one sells (keeping in mind that this gives someone the crazy option to purchase 36 sets at one time, which is a real problem for me as I only have 12) - or - I can divide up those 12 sets into the three different packaging options (no packaging, an organza bag, or a craft bag). Since I live in constant fear of over-selling, I've decided to divide the 12 sets into three different options, and will keep an eye on them if one sells out, because I can easily adjust the numbers in between the three options.

Does this even make sense? The Readers Digest Condensed story is that my shopping cart program finally has something it can't do, and I am wildly upset because it's going to make it difficult either for me or for customers, and that just makes me twitchy.

HAVING SAID THAT, I'm super happy with the set (which you can find here) and am already looking at the rest of my fragrances, thinking about which set to make next!

Oh - I forgot to mention that because of stock quantity needing to be assigned to a particular option in the listing, if you're trying to order more of what the listing says I have (say you're trying to order four sets in an organza bag, but the listing says there aren't enough for that), drop me a line before you purchase, and I can move some stock quantities around to make that happen for you. No matter what the shop says, these will be sitting in my card catalog with no packaging, and I can easily put as many as you like (well, as many as I have) into whichever packaging you want. And I'm sorry this one is so complicated.

Thanks, y'all!

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