Five ways to get exactly what you want at HaldeCraft

Five ways to get exactly what you want at HaldeCraft

Yes, as an artist, I tend to do my own thing a lot. But one thing I love to do as well, is bring what you are thinking about, into reality. Here are five ways I can do that for you.


Ceramic photo tiles: Your pet. A favorite family photo. Wedding photos. Your childhood home. Your best photo from Instagram that got the most hearts. Photos are important to you; they capture a place and a moment in time. This tile is the perfect way to memorialize that. This makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a variety of situations and recipients. Favorite pet photos make a lovely remembrance for a friend who has recently lost their dog or cat. Baby photos make wonderful gifts for new grandparents. Wedding photos make thoughtful and unique anniversary gifts. Photos of childhood homes are lovely remembrances for a sibling or other family member. Choose from a variety of colors for the background (the photo will always be sepia-toned).

Stitch Markers: You work hard on your hand-crafting, and you like to have quality tools when you carve time out of your busy day to relax and make things. While HaldeCraft carries a variety of stitch markers, maybe you've seen one that doesn't come in your favorite color - here is where you can order just what you want! Available for both knitters and crocheters, these stitch markers can either mark your spot in between repeats or help you count rows, depending on whether you opt for the ringed or the lobster claw version.

Hand Lotion: A thick lotion, a lovely fragrance, and now not only is it back, but it's back in two sizes? If you were never lucky enough to get any of this previously discontinued hand lotion, but especially if you are one of the many people who have emailed or asked in person at craft shows... this listing will make you happy; a limited number of fragrances are coming back for custom orders of hand lotion! Ten different fragrances, available in 2oz bottles or 8oz pumps.

Soap (10 for $50): Your soap order, your way - a batch of any design and fragrance you want! Are you in love with a particular design of soap but it doesn't come in your favorite fragrance? In love with a fragrance but it's sold out, or you want more than the quantity currently in stock? If you feel this way and also want a large quantity, custom ordering ten bars is the way to go!

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