A new way to get HaldeCraft yarn

A new way to get HaldeCraft yarn

Do you miss yarn club? Just getting yarn? Getting yarn once a month as a surprise to yourself (even though sure, you saw the notification for your credit card, but hey, YARN!)? I have a little surprise for you…

Over on Patreon, which (unlike my Shopify site) is easily set up for recurring payments, I have a new Patreon support level. Called “Cosmic Makers”, it’s yarn, just yarn, only yarn. One skein of yarn, for $30/month, shipping is included.

Is there fine print? Maybe a FAQ? You know it.

  • Patreon will charge your credit card on or about the first of the month. Therefore, your shipments will start the month after you sign up, because you don’t pay until the 1st. FOR EXAMPLE - if you sign up now through the end of November, you won’t be charged until December 1st, and you will receive your first skein in December. If you sign up any time in December, your card will be charged in January, and you’ll get your first skein in January.
  • While this tier will be able to read open/public posts, and non-fiction Patron-only posts, it will not include access to the serialized story, or any other Patron Benefits such as postcards or Discord chats.
  • Colorways will vary; if there is a new colorway coming out at HaldeCraft the next month, that will be the color you receive… otherwise it’s Dyer’s Choice of what to send. Could be a One Hit Wonder... could be something from the vaults... could be a current colorway. But for the next eleven months, it'll be upcoming colorways. FOR EXAMPLE - a new colorway is coming out in January. If you sign up for this tier before the end of November, your December yarn will be early access to the January colorway. Then in January, you’d get the colorway coming out in February as part of the HaldeCrate. Then in February, you’d get the new colorway coming out in March.
  • Please contact me if you have a base yarn weight preference (for example, sock weight vs. worsted weight - default if you don’t say anything will most likely be the Andre base) however, type of base yarn such as standard vs. luxury will be Dyer’s Choice of what to send (in other words, if you tell me you want worsted weight yarn, most times you’ll get Tepper but occasionally, a couple of times a year, I might send you Jemisin or Carolyn instead).

Here is the main link to my Patreon page, and tiers are listed by dollar value on the right-hand side of the page. You're looking for the $30 teir called "Cosmic Makers". Allegedly, this link goes directly to that tier, but it’s one of those “here we’ll give you this link” things that doesn’t let me preview it, so let me know if you click that and it’s wonky.

Exciting? Set it and forget it? Yarn every month, and early access to new HaldeCraft colors to boot?! Eeeeeep!!!

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