Big Bang Bazaar and weekend recovery

Big Bang Bazaar and weekend recovery

Mostly today I am walking from one end of the studio to the other, and into the office, and back out into the studio, wondering what to do first - which is funny because now it's almost lunchtime and the day is half over! I have already started the kiln (I meant to run it yesterday when I got back home from Orlando, but totally forgot in trying to unpack the car and then get into town for a friend's Open House)... I've moved the soap and yarn left over from BBB into the office to check it back in, and I've unpacked the ceramics. And I've gotten the weekend orders out. That's about it, though!

You all probably already know I went to Orlando this weekend for Big Bang Bazaar. It was pretty low-key, but that did give me time to meet and talk with other vendors I'd wanted to spend more time with. And I got to try out a new table layout, since I was doing an eight-foot table instead of a 10x10 booth. I like the height I'm getting with my new shelf, but I think I would put the yarn on one end instead of the riser for mugs, and put the riser in the middle. I felt like if people were looking at the pieces on the shelves, they couldn't really see me. I'm also thinking about getting one of those taller director's chairs that I've seen a few other vendors have. If I'm raising the height of things behind my table so that I can fit in more things, I hide myself if I'm on a regular low chair. Not that I spend a lot of time sitting down, mind you! But on the rare moments where I need to rest my feet, still being visible is important.

The high point of the weekend was after the show, though. I was spending the weekend with friends, and we went to a cool little dine-in movie theater to see the new Star Wars movie. There used to be a place like that in Gainesville, where you could order food and a pitcher of beer and kick back in comfy chairs and watch a film. I got a half-carafe of sangria and a pizza, and I opted for mushrooms but thinking it would be like when I order mushrooms from our local pizza joint here at home and get, like, three mushrooms per slice.... not here! They did NOT skimp on the mushrooms -- this thing was SMOTHERED in them. Delish! I highly recommend the Aloma Cinema Grill if you're in the Orlando area and looking for a good-priced dinner and a movie. Bring a sweater, though - it was really cold when we came in!

OK, I really need to go figure out what to do now. I want to go through the ceramics and figure out what to upload to the shop, and what to hold back for future craft shows, and I need to enter the soap and yarn back into the shop (there's a cat sleeping in front of my monitor, though - I'm actually not facing the screen as I write this, because Troublesome is taking up the space where the keyboard should go). And I need to do a little bit of glazing because I have some Christmas gifts in today's kiln firing and have to fire the kiln twice more before Saturday! The shoemaker's kids always go barefoot, heh.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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