Cheap, quick, right; pick two

Cheap, quick, right; pick two

When I used to work in the document production department at an Engineering company, we had an unofficial slogan (ok, we had lots of them, but this is about a particular one). When people ran in and said, "I need this right away! It's got lots of markups! Don't miss anything!" we would often counter with "you can have it done right, or you can have it done now." Similar to that old "you can have it done cheap, you can have it done quick, or you can have it done right... pick two", except we were giving them less choices.

That's what I think this week might be like - at least through Wednesday, and maybe the whole week. I can pick two of the following three things: I can take care of people I care about, I can take care of myself, I can take care of work. I can't do all three. I 100% for sure have more spoons than I had this time a month ago, but that doesn't mean I'm inexhaustible. So I'm making the choice at the beginning of the week to pick two of those three things, and I think it's going to be taking care of others in the first half of the day, and taking care of myself the second half of the day.

Orders will still go out as quickly as possible, and I do have a few things to show off and a few things to tease, so I'll do a little posting, but I'm not really going to be Making this week - and y'all know how that kills me because I love to Make Things. But I also love not getting sick, and that means taking care of myself as I'm taking care of others! Look at me all being adult and stuff, not trying to overwork myself like normal. Who am I?!

Oh - and I'm making the executive decision to not change the Item of the Week, so if you missed out on the green seahorse dish, there's still one left!

Thanks, y'all!

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