Checking in

Checking in

We went to Disney last week, and while we didn't plan to go to The Happiest Place on Earth right after the election - we'd planned to go to the Celebration of Food & Wine the last week it was there - that's how it played out. It was nice to get away from the chaos of real life; I did check in on Facebook now and then and it seemed like all I saw was fear and hate - two things I will run from in a fight - and so it did my heart good to step away from all that and get myself on solid ground before coming back to reality.

Then yesterday I spent until early afternoon getting yarn club packaged and posted about over on Ravelry, after which I tried to catch up on some things I hadn't finished before leaving for Disney, and before I knew it, it was time for dinner and I hadn't even gotten around to writing a Monday Musing post yet. Oh, life!

And so, this is a new week. The temperatures are dropping and all the cats are stuck to me like little cold fuzzy piece of glue. My husband's aunt (Cetty, of the raku) is in the hospital, she got a knee replaced yesterday - she should be back home Thursday (she and her husband, Joe the Amazing Electrician, live on our property). I have to fire the kiln, get to glazing, and throw a lot more to get ready for two craft shows in December. Which sounds far off, but the first one is in three weeks, the second, ten days after that.

Sigh. I had about three more paragraphs written that I just erased - I was getting too long-winded, and the dogs just informed me that they must go outside or the world will end. END, I TELL YOU! Suffice to say that like you, I see a lot of fear, a lot of anger, a lot of distrust, and some - but not enough - hope out there right now. People have always turned to art and music in times of upheaval, and I feel all I want to do right now is bury myself in the studio and make things. I love all y'all. Peace.

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