Custom Sugar Skull mugs

Custom Sugar Skull mugs

Y'all had such a great reaction to an in-progress shot the other day - many of you messaged and emailed me to find out if I was going to take custom orders on these Sugar Skull mugs I've been working on.

Well, I have heard you above the snoring of my employees, and I have a handful of these mugs I can take on as custom work. But! (You knew there had to be a "but", right?)


    1. These will not be ready before Halloween/Dia de Muertos; between already having some custom work, a scheduled vacation, and with how long these take to paint, I just can't have them ready before the 31st. I will start painting them the week of October 23rd, and they will take about two weeks to start shipping.



    1. They will not look exactly like the four I finished for the Mug of the Month; I randomly chose colors and didn't take notes on which ones I used, so yours will look different than these four. You can also message me if you would like a different color skull base (a few of you mentioned wanting red, or black, instead of white).



    1. As part of my being on vacation next week, I am going to run a free shipping promotion; however, it doesn't start until Saturday. So if you buy one today, you have to pay shipping. If you wait until tomorrow, you get free shipping. However, I only have 20 of these available for custom orders and I don't know how fast they'll go... so it's up to you if you want to wait or not (I'm sorry, I can't start the free shipping promo a day early, it's already been set up with my website host to start on the 7th).



    1. If all the above works for you, great! The custom listing for the sugar skull mugs is right here. I appreciate your trust in my vision and your love of my art!


Any questions? Drop me a line! Thanks, y'all!

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