Dark to light and back to dark again

Dark to light and back to dark again

An experiment in gradient colors, these limited edition sock blanks go from dark to light to dark again, and will give whatever you make a truly unique look.

These are limited editions, in that I'm not sure if I'll be bringing them into the shop as a regular item or not... so if one of these catches your eye, I wouldn't wait on it too long. There are ten total, two each of five color families; shades of blue, shades of brown, shades of green, pink to red to purple, and yellow to orange. You can find them here.

Curious about sock blanks, and how they knit up? You can crochet or knit from one end, unraveling from the sock blank as you go, or you can do what you'd do with a skein and wind it into a center-pull ball, first. It's up to you!

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