Five current HaldeCraft mugs

Five current HaldeCraft mugs

A favorite mug is like your best friend. When you're having a bad day, tea or coffee in it is a comfort... and when you're having a good day, a celebration. Here are five HaldeCraft mugs that are good for both.

The Biohazard Mug - Whether your tea or coffee is so strong that it could eat through lesser materials than ceramic, or you just want to scare your co-workers off and deter them from bothering you (or stealing your mug)... this biohazard mug is for you. Tell people to STAY AWAY first thing in the morning (or afternoon).

Large owl mug - I've made owl mugs in the past, but wanted something a little bigger than I'd already done.... Well, whoooooo likes a big mug of coffee? Because this guy can hold up to 18 ounces of your favorite beverage, and that's something to give a hoot about!

Crocheted Doily Mug - I've made a few in this shape, with different doilies. Right now these are my favorite, because they were a total experiment with glazes over specked red clay. I absolutely love how the white one came out, and plan to revisit that in the future, for sure.

Knitting/Crocheting Since Birth - You love crafting, and you love coffee (or maybe you love tea... or maybe you love both! Let's not limit ourselves!). What better way to show off your favorite craft with something to hold your favorite beverage? Use this mug as a good excuse to get a little yarny time in first thing in the morning (and then relax with it again at the end of the day).

Mug of the Month: May - This is one of my two favorites from this series. I am partial to pine cones, and also I was delighted by the shape of this one. I plan to revisit that shape again next year, only without adornments -- letting the glaze do all the work of making it exciting! Meanwhile, though, the pine cones make me smile when I see this one.

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